$50M Genetic Testing Verdict

A jury in King County Washington has returned a $50M verdict against Valley General Hospital and LabCorp in one of the largest wrongful birth lawsuits to date.

Rhea and Brock Wuth had ordered┬áchromosomal tests after discovering that the father was a carrier for a rare genetic disease. It was alleged that Valley understaffed their genetic counseling office which caused LabCorp to not receive proper documentation on family history, which in the end caused a false negative. It was also noted that the LabCorp test was run by a trainee who left the company three days later. The couple’s child was born with an unexpected cognitive and physical impairments and requires a lifetime of care. The family argued they would have terminated the pregnancy had they known of the abnormality.

After a seven week trial the jury agreed with the families estimate that lifelong care would cost $20M and against the LabCorp’s plan to place the child in a group home at a cost of $2.3M.

The case shows the growing risk of missing any of an increasing portfolio of genetic factors new mothers expect to be tested for. Contract LaboratoryMalpractice.com today to discuss better protecting your organization.